The Medellín Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center is dedicated to building a strong and lasting multilateral collaboration across sectors, including nonprofit organizations, universities, startups, and corporations to bring greater awareness to entrepreneurs as an integral part of Medellín’s economy.

Startups — especially ones that are scaling rapidly — will have the potential to generate faster job growth and economic development for Medellín and its entire region. Among the first activities of the Medellín Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center are to work on the most immediate constraining factors that limit the ecosystem from growing as determined by Georgia Tech and its partners.

Additionally, the Center coordinates regular events, delivers courses, provides training programs tailored to address identified gaps, and boosts the city’s talent opportunities; and facilitates resources for the broader Medellín entrepreneurship community. As part of Georgia Tech, the Center will connect the Medellín community to its vast resources including world-class research, state-of-the-art facilities, internationally recognized experts, and top student talent among others.