At the Medellín Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, we offer a variety of programs to support startups, educators, and students.

100 STEPS Helping early-stage startups grow and thrive. We help early stage startups figure out the next steps on their journey. Startup founders who are searching for product market fit often struggle with team dynamics, sales and revenue, and other challenges

Unlike other startup events, during 100 STEPS the teaching team talks through the difficulties in an interactive and dynamic format. Founders and business owners ask questions and are challenged to think through their assumptions.

Who Can Attend? Startups with no revenue are revenue-positive startups are welcome to apply. This workshop is highly interactive so we keep the group small.

Interested In Sponsoring or Hosting an Upcoming 100 STEPS Session? Support the startups and small businesses in Medellin by hosting a workshop!

CREATE-X – Helping student entrepreneurs turn ideas into startups. We invite university students from every school in Medellin to join this program! Learn the basics of the business model canvas, customer discovery, and developing a minimum viable product in this team-project course. Students will form small teams and will select an idea to work on together. Learn to identify the customer, the value proposition for the customer, and ways to reach your customer.

Who Can Attend? Students with ideas, early-stage student startups, and student teams working together on a business are welcome to apply. We also welcome entrepreneur educators, serial entrepreneurs and other people to serve as mentors.

ITCP – Innovation & Technology Commercialization Professional Program Learn how ideas turn into innovations with real-world impact! The Innovation & Technology Commercialization Professional (ITCP) Course was created by Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, experts at advancing innovation through industry and university collaboration. This self-paced course teaches fundamental commercialization best practices with a unique perspective on developing and strengthening innovation ecosystems.

Who should participate? Early-career innovation professionals including technology transfer officers, university administrators, research faculty, incubator and research park managers, and economic development professionals.

Soft Landing – Helping companies confidently expand to the U.S. market. Expanding globally can be intimidating. We help companies enter the U.S. market through a 7-week hybrid program that includes a one week immersion in Atlanta. We offer tailored guidance on business expansion and cultural adaptation, and we connect you with business experts and economic developers that will expand your network.

Who should participate? This program is for fast-moving business leaders aspiring to expand globally, seeking to learn quickly about U.S. business practices, and have an interest in Atlanta’s thriving markets or Georgia’s booming ecosystem.  Interested in growing your business globally? We have an ongoing application process. Talk with one of our experts to evaluate your growth goals. Book a call

English for Entrepreneurs – an online program to develop English skills for people who want to do business in English.

Jumpstart and Lab to Market – Take your research from the university laboratory to the marketplace. We invite university researchers from every school in Medellin to join this program! The process of commercializing research is complex but not impossible. If you want to take your product, service, or process to market, this workshop is for you. We discuss protecting your intellectual property, working with the Technology Transfer Office, finding your value proposition and how to move from Technology Readiness Level 1 or 2 to level 4 or 5 and beyond.

Who Can Attend? University-based researchers, graduate students, and technology transfer professionals. We also welcome entrepreneur educators, serial entrepreneurs and other people to serve as mentors. Slots are available.

Interested In Sponsoring or Hosting an Upcoming Lab to Market Session? We have an ongoing application process.

NEXTTECH – Connecting innovative small business with large companies looking for solutions. We find buyers who have a specific need or challenge to overcome and funding for their challenge. Unlike other business matchmaking events, during NEXTTECH the buyers explain their challenges. Small businesses with potential solutions have an opportunity to ask questions in an open format.

Who Are the Buyers? Corporations (big buyers) provide challenges to NEXTTECH in an effort to identify solutions. Small businesses with innovative solutions are recruited and curated to maximize opportunities. Big buyers are seeking businesses with market-ready technology, a product, or service to address their challenges.

Interested In an Upcoming NEXTTECH Pitch Session? To qualify, small businesses must own a technology, product, or market-ready service and have the ability to address the needs of participating corporations. We have an ongoing application process. 

For more information please contact Vivi Montenegro at viviana.montenegro